Must I have a PayPal account to get paid?
Yes, currently you must have a PayPal account to receive your commissions. This enables us to pay affiliates faster and more efficiently.

However, we're open to suggestions from improving the IncomeSeek.Com Affiliate Program, so this policy is not set in stone. If you'd like payment by another method, just contact us and let us know your preferred payment method. If we receive enough requests for a new affiliate commission payment option, we'll consider adding it based on popularity (and perhaps for a small processing fee).

Should I mention any prices in my affiliate marketing for IncomeSeek products or services?
For maximum commissions we ask that you DO NOT mention any prices. At times we test prices in order to maximize conversion rates and profit. If others visit one of our sites expecting a different price than shown, it can cause confusion as well as hurt conversion rates and your earnings.